Let’s get to know each other !

avril 13, 2018

Let’s get to know each other !

To start on a good note, I would like to introduce myself because it’s always better to know who you read, don’t you think ? 😉

If you let your gaze slide on the right of your screen, you will be able to see my face and it allows you to put a face on my name : Laure.

So to tell you a bit more I am 31yo & I live in a small town called Remiremont (nicknamed « la coquette » no less) and it is located in the beautiful Vosges mountains.


I come from the Paris area called Ile de France but I decided a few months ago to exile myself far from Paris (aka the well known Parisian combo Parisians/metro/pollution/stress) and to try to reconnect with nature, to find an inner peace & to feed my creativity in a wild and deeply inspiring environment.

You might be wondering how I’ve come to to create jewels made of crystals & inspired by magic. I do believe that all the choices we make in our lives always end up making sense when we take a step back and that we look back at the way we’ve walked so far.

At time, things may seem to be illogical or unrelated to each other but I am convinced the Universe is a canevas on which we weave our yarn & everything is linked in order to create a very complicated pattern : ourselves

I studied to become an interior architect, I used to work in an agency in Paris until the day I chose to quit my job and to create Oracle.

The choice to become a jewels creator was a come back to a project I began almost 10 years ago but it did not last. Even though I consider myself as a bookworm, always putting my nose into books, eager to garner knowledge about the exciting world around us, I am also pretty good with my hands and I thrive in activities like sewing, knitting, weaving. As years gone by, I have experimented quite a lot of things before finding the medium that allows me to express the full potential of my creativity.

Even though creating is great, it is after all the spice of my life, something very important for me is sharing. I’ve really wanted to bring something truly positive around me and that’s what I’ve chosen to do with Oracle.

I do think I’ve always been in love with the wild beauty of the nature & occult arts. I am convinced magic & poetry can be seen in every tree, in every stone, in every shadow, that what is tangible is not all that exists. This thought linked to a deep desire to create beauty in total freedom pushed me to spend time in my workshop to work on stones all more magical than the other & that are highly beneficial.

My wish was everyone can could wear jewels that are amulets and beauty & protections items all at the same time. They also allow to reconnect to oneself and the nature on one hand but also to take care of oneself, to heal wounds, to straighten the determination and the belief in its on strength.



The stones are more alive than one might think. They are charged with an energy slowly accumulated over centuries and millennia & millions of years for some of them. We can benefit from their energy by touching them, and depending of the stone, it can allow to calm down, to concentrate, to protect oneself, to attract love, to push back negativity. 

This field of knowledge is called lithotherapy and even if it is not recognized by science many people experience the benefits of crystals every day as they integrate them into their daily lives in many forms. 

There is so much to say on this subject that I will take the time to write more advanced articles on this field that fascinates me.

Here you know a little more about me! I would be happy if you left me a comment to tell me about yourself or send me a message if you want to chat. I like to chit-chat as you might have noticed. 😉

I wish you a nice weekend and I’ll see you soon! ✨ 🙏🏻 ✨

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