How to take care of your crystals jewels

mai 18, 2018

How to take care of your crystals jewels

Let’s keep on travelling in the vast & fascinating world of healing crystals by having an interest in the stones care. 

As I explained in my previous article : A little introduction to healing crystals, stones send their benefits through an exchange of energy. You might have heard of the hermetic formula « as above, so below » and it is also true for our relation to the crystals. Energy does not flow in one way but it is exchanged with the stone. When we touch them we send them our own energies and sometimes they can be negative. To ensure minerals do not send us back a negative energy but only their benefits, we must purify them on a regular basis.



There are many methods of cleansing but here are the ones I recommend in order to preserve the durability of your jewel:

Cleansing by incense: It is a light, easy to do regularly purification that uses the properties of the « Air » element. Put your jewel in the smoke of incense and visualise the energies that are contained in the stone dissolve & go away with the stone. 

Cleansing by salt without any contact : salt is well known in many cultures for its purificatory properties. Put some coarse salt in a bowl and your jewel in a glass container. Put it in the center of the bowl & the salt all around. The amount of salt must be higher than the jewel in order to cover it. Leave it on for 2 or 3 hours & after you take your jewel back, throw the salt in the sewers without touching it so you will not be in contact with the salt that is now full of negative energies. 



You will have guessed it, stones do not live at the same rhythm humans do, they take thousands even millions of years to form so the cycle of recharging their energy is much much longer than ours.

Humans renew their strength in 24 hours while it takes several years for minerals. As we work with them we draw on their energy, so they need our help to renew it & to keep bringing their benefits.  

Please note the charging has to be done after the cleansing of your stone.


In the light of the moon : all stones can be charged in the moonlight, you just have to put them all night long under the light of the nocturnal celestial body. It is not necessary to do it during a full moon but it is the time when its energy is at its fullest.

In the light of the sun : You can also expose your stones to the sun so they can receive the energy of the diurnal celestial body. However not all crystals can receive it like amethyst that would lose its color.

In a crystalline cluster : You can put your stones on a geode made of rock crystal or made of amethyst. Because the cluster is made of multiple crystals, the energetic gathering is enough to charge your stones. You can place them under the light of the moon to increase the effect.



You might ask yourself when to cleanse & charge your crystals ? For the stones you wear on a regular basis I can advise you to do it once a month. It gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the energies of the full moon for example even if any other part of the moon cycle is just as adequate. 

If you are going through a difficult time in your life and you feel you are using a lot of energy from your stone to help you get through it, it may be useful to do it every week.


I think you can see crystals as plants you want to take care of so they can keep bringing you wellbeing & beauty. They deserve it, don’t they ? ☺️

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